About Hooting And Howling Magazine

Hooting And Howling Magazine is an online music magazine based in the UK, with writers in the UK, US, Europe and Australia.

It was set up in February 2011 by Charlotte Davies, with the aim to introduce the most exciting music to the world. Since then, Hooting And Howling has since expanded the team across the world and has produced masses of content for our ever-growing audience. It has also become a platform for budding journalists of the highest quality who are looking for opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings about the music they love. Hooting And Howling strives to find the most exciting new music and the best new acts in the world.

Contacting Hooting And Howling Magazine

Got an enquiry, press release or a demo? Email hello@hootingandhowling.com, or our Editor-in-chief at the address below. You can also contact our other editors with any of the addresses below if you require any information. Please note, due to the number of emails we receive per day we cannot respond to every one, but we do our best. If you would prefer to send a physical press release or demo, please contact the relevant editor.

The team

Editor-in-chief: Charlotte Davies (charlottedavies@hootingandhowling.com)
News EditorAlex Sambrook (alexsambrook@hootingandhowling.com) and Daisy Edwards (daisyedwards@hootingandhowling.com)
Reviews Editor: Mark Riley (markriley@hootingandhowling.com) and Emily Schofield (emilyschofield@hootingandhowling.com)
Features Editor: Abigail Gillibrand (abigailgillibrand@hootingandhowling.com)
Festivals Editor: Penny Blakemore (pennyblakemore@hootingandhowling.com)
Live Editor: Sarah Goodyer (sarahgoodyer@hootingandhowling.com)
Introducing Editor: Lee Whear (liamwhear@hootingandhowling.com)

Writing for Hooting And Howling Magazine

We are always looking for brand new writers and photographers to join the Hooting And Howling team. We look for open-minded writers with an interesting and varied music taste, who can be dedicated to producing regular, top quality writing. Think you’ve got what it takes to write for us, or feel like pitching an idea for an article? Email charlottedavies@hootingandhowling.com with some of your previous work, along with a few words about yourself.

Advertising on Hooting And Howling Magazine

We are offering advertising space at cheap monthly prices, starting at just £4 a week. For more information on what we can offer you, email advertising@hootingandhowling.com

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