coral distance inbetween

After a six year period of solo projects, The Coral have come back together and re-embarked on their voyage as a band with the release of their 8th studio album, ‘Distance Inbetween’. Long gone are the chirpy days of ‘Dreaming of You’ and ‘In the Morning’ as this new release of theirs is nothing like anything they have ever brought out before. It takes on a darker, more sinister edge than their previous records but still touches on the essence of their kaleidoscope days.

When their lead guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones left in 2005, he seemed to take their sound with him. ‘Butterfly House’ and ‘The Curse of Love’ were good efforts from the band to raise their station again, however nothing quite lived up to ‘Magic and Medicine’ and their debut self titled album. However, ‘Distance Inbetween’ is something completely separate and fresh from their past and is definitely a step forward and promising move from the band’s return.

There’s a heavy sense of an early Pink Floyd influence especially in their second track ‘White Bird’, where James Skelly’s raspy vocals wrap around 70s style guitar riffs that, when played loud, leave you with a huge feeling of nostalgia.

It’s as though their break has allowed them to grow into themselves, morphing and evolving to produce a more mature and complex sound than they have previously done. ‘It’s You’ delves into a psychedelic ocean of quirky guitar twangs and enhanced snare drums and symbols that crash and collide with Skelly’s sultry voice, reflecting that of Alex Turner’s. ‘She Runs the River’ presents and apprehensive and eerie atmosphere, showing a moodier side to The Coral that they have rarely touched on before.

They are back up there amongst the new and raw talent of Blossoms, Mystery Jets and Lust for Youth. With this new sound they’ve adapted placed back to back with their history, The Coral have become stronger than ever.

It’s an album reflective of the times, but in the same breath seems to be one step ahead of everything that is out there at the moment. Although they may have been through their rocky patches and had their faults, ‘Distance Inbetween’ stands on its own and has raised the bar for The Coral’s future releases.


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