After a warm reception to 2011 EPs ‘His Young Heart’ and ‘Wild Youth’, Daughter were set to impress with their debut LP, ‘If You Leave’. The album has a tone almost identical to that of ‘Wild Youth’, comprised of haunting yet delicate songs, smothered in a melancholy that is simultaneously crushing yet uplifting at the same time.

Lead track ‘Winter’ is a touching ode, littered with seasonally appropriate metaphors to describe the overwelming feeling of loss; “Drifting apart like two sheets of ice, my love. Frozen hearts growing colder, with time.” Starting in a minimalistic fashion not dissimilar to the XX, the track builds to a crescendo lending itself to more psychedelic characteristics than the band have previously explored over the likes of EP tracks ‘Love‘ and ‘Switzerland‘. Vocalist Elana Tonra’s bittersweet tone swoops and soars over the chiming guitars, wrought with emotion throughout.

Stand out track ‘Youth’ is a heart-wrenching commentary on the emotional state of society, musing how ‘most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone’. The powerful percussion gives the song the punch it needs, providing a backbone for the bitter lyrics and tinkling guitar lines to lead with.

As a whole, the album is lyrically and musically progressive, while still remaining familiar with many traditional aspects incorporated. Daughter stick to the tried and tested formula of atmospheric, melancholic sound, whilst subtly encompassing new elements – wetting the appetites of those who may have found the previous EPs stagnant.


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