If you want something new, something fresh, something funky, then Tacocat’s new album is the thing for you. The band, formed in 2007, have composed something together that is a work of art and are a sole refreshing sound to say the least. Emerging with a feminist incentive included in their music, they’ve made their mark on the industry with their new album called ‘Lost Time’ without a doubt, which was released on 1st April this year.

The album itself gives out a kind of reckless aura – one of pure ‘badass’ – that entices your ears to continue a listen; the band have a prolific enablement to maintain your interest in their unique sound that revitalises your mind. Both lyrically, and in their rocky tones of their pop punk tunes, there is something addictive that makes you want to find out what else they have in store.

The quartet have an edge in their music that can’t really be compared, and is one that is undoubtedly catchy that’s proved in ‘Lost Time’. Although the tracks on the album can seem a bit similar in sound, it’s still a sound that’s incredibly enjoyable despite the mild repetitive nature.

Opening track ‘Dana Katherine Scully’ is one that provokes a groove and you find yourself subconsciously nodding to the beat. You can always tell a quality of a sound with your unasked for reaction: if you want to move and groove, it’s going to be good.

Not dissimilar to Courtney Barnett, they have a noticeable readiness and willingness to address everyday problems in their music. They do it in such a way that seems so casual in their style that is something quite noticeable when you begin listening at the beginning of the album; it compels you to listen in on the stories that they’re telling- some stories that you can’t help to relate to.

One song in particular is ‘I Hate The Weekend’ which demonstrates how Tacocat are one to watch: this song brings both humour and meaning. With this rocky tune being released as a single back in January, the album’s feistiness was already demonstrated before its release, and it’s definitely lived up to it. The album is quite a feel good one which provokes your loyalty to listen.

‘Lost Time’ is an album that you could imagine yourself blasting out of your car whilst driving through cities with your windows rolled down. It’s most definitely one that is going to force the summer vibes upon us, and gives a perfect atmosphere if it’s played parallel to the rays of sunshine beating down. Tacocat have made us smile, dance and reflect with ‘In Time’, so it’s ultimately an album of success.

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