The Orielles return with a new EP ‘Jobin’ (a title taken from Paul Rudd’s greatest movie, ‘I Love You, Man’), 3 tracks of pure good vibes and sun-soaked melodies that’ll stay in your head for days.

Out on April 1st on Art Is Hard Records as a limited edition “flexizine” – a 7” flexidisc of title track ‘Jobin’ with a 20-page colouring book zine illustrated by Alex Gamsu Jenkins. There’s also a download code for the full 3-track EP with tracks ‘Twin Freaks’ and ‘Sliders’.

2015 saw the Halifax based 3-piece self-release their record ‘Space Doubt’ before playing a string of festival dates and raucous shows, garnering a lot of attention and praise from both fans and critics. The ‘Jobin’ EP solidifies the band’s status as one of the best UK surf-pop/garage acts around right now, with guitarist Henry Carlyle Wade’s reverberating notes dancing around the tight-knit rhythm and melody of sisters Sidonie and Esme Hand-Halford. Esme takes vocal duties, and her layered melodies are really the icing on the cake of these delicious tracks, effortlessly floating on top of the instrumentation. Naturally the songs are catchy as hell and pack a punch, and I can even remember ‘Twin Freaks’ from a time I saw the band last year, although I swear they introduced it as ‘Wacky Phoenix’.

‘Jobin’ is a fantastic EP that deserves a lot of recognition, so after a splash like this I’m sure 2016 will see nothing but great things for the trio and I look forward to seeing them soon. Laters on the menjay.

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