Take a shaking nostalgic trip into timeless and classic rock and roll, with quirky Glasgow duo Acting Strange. Cousins Ali and Billy Strange collide to create inventive soft-rock with a spark, on their new EP ‘Night On The Tiles’.

Acting Strange


Step into a time machine to the 1960s with ‘Rumble’ and its hip-shaking pop-hooks. The Strange cousins propel rhythm and blues into the contemporary with amusing commentary lyrics, ‘I’m quite happy with my five pound phone, chase me up on my student loan…’ Dancing in energetic acoustic guitar, the track elevates in bluesy simplicity.

Drift into ‘Dreaming Away’ with romantic-pop melodies. An essence of skiffle and Mersey-beat enthuse Acting Strange’s tale of dark and hopeless amour, ‘Took a walk down Woodland’s road tried to find a cup of tea, but it’s hard at 2AM when it’s not that kind of street, my dreams of Paris never felt so far…’


Introducing the harmonica ‘Oh No’ continues in sorrowful tones of blues, with a touch of anguish. ‘You’re alone now look what you’ve done, there’s broken glass and there’s blood in the hall…’ cynically sings the vocals with an angered yet cool and alluring nostalgic tone.

These vampires will wear you down if you let them in…’ rings ‘Universe Blues’ exploring the dark-side of technology to mythic creatures and outer space. Shuffling in a catching clatter of instrumentation, Acting Strange in-still the message not to take modern life too seriously.

Following support slots with the prestige of the uniquely innovative indie-pop man Ezra Furman, Acting Strange’s style fits of a similar distinctive invention. From uplifting melodies to humorous lyrics, the Glasgow duo are enough to elevate a smile and a foot-tapping groove. Acting Strange uphold the sentimentality of classic-song writing and inject the energetic fun and cynical humour of the 21st century into their craft. ‘Night On The Tiles’ is a refreshing take on 60s rhythm and blues, and an enthusing sugary spin.

‘Night On The Tiles’ sees release September 8th on In Black Records

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