Bolton’s The Jade Assembly anthemically swagger into October with the release of ‘Sundays And Occasional Wednesdays’. The Jade Assembly empower the listener with their Brit-pop tinged modern rock and roll; with tracks from the EP already seeing commended radio-play from BBC Introducing Manchester. Brimming with raw energy and electric determination, the EP further demonstrates the group’s stadium worthy sound.



Featuring already fan-favoured singles ‘One Last Time’ and ‘Nothing Changes’, The Jade Assembly captures the raucous energy of their live sets on the EP. With their infectious rock and roll drive, the bands infamous following ‘The Jade Army’ already knows all these tracks word-for-word at live shows.

‘One Last Time’ captures both the sentimentality and the animation of a hedonistic night out with your favourite crowd. John ‘Foz’ Foster smooths a lullaby to the romanticism of a Saturday night, whilst each chorus clatters in a vigorous and unstoppable guitar driven beat.



‘Nothing Changes’ burns The Jade Assembly’s softer side even sincerer. Careful not to lose the band’s enigmatic guitar energy, the track serenades with empowering rock romance.



Latest additions to The Jade Assembly repertoire ‘Same Time’ and ‘Soul Diva’ slot into the EP with equal captivating merit…

Continuing with a talent for absorbing indie-rock hooks, ‘Same Time’ rattles as another perfect anthem for an infectious live sing-along. “I know it’s not easy to blow your mind away, yeah I think you’d be crazy to miss out on the fun…” charismatically roars Foster.

‘Soul Diva’ glistens in an Oasis-esque glimmer, seeing the band at their most elevating to date. Ditching their usual colossal rhythms, the group switch things up in favour of a slow-burning simmer. Glazing the ears with a soothing message, “take it easy on my soul…” the track mellows in a serene yet carefully crafted haze of The Jade Assembly’s arguably most impressive instrumentation yet.

The Jade Assembly’s ‘Sundays And Occasional Wednesdays’ EP is out now.

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