It seems like only yesterday that Girl Friend‘s stylish debut EP Arrive Alone, Leave Alone was released – and it wasn’t all that long ago, hitting the digital shelves just earlier this year. Proficiency is a desirable trait, though, and ‘Weekend Soulmate’ doesn’t arrive prematurely. It’s every bit as sleek and danceable as its predecessor, with Amory Neish-Melling’s characteristically perspicacious lyrics still accentuated wonderfully by his sister Eleanor’s harmonies, and the whole thing wrapped in a crisp, retro-synth sound, topped off with brilliant punching percussion.

Josh Hunter does a great job with the production, as with the first EP, and it’s a really integral part of this band’s recorded sound; there’s so many different electronic textures woven together seamlessly, as well as a couple of bonuses at the end – a rework of opening track ‘Good Morning’ as well as a subdued version of ‘Chemical Reaction’. Josh Hunter might just be the star of this show. That’s not to take anything away from the band, though – ‘Weekend Soulmate’ features some really interesting stuff, ‘Poison’ – containing a snappy synth solo to prick up the ears, and bafflingly named closing track ‘Arrive Alone, Leave Alone’ has the most effective use of the dual vocalists – with Eleanor’s haunting eponymous refrain finishing the EP.

‘Arrive Alone, Leave Alone’, Girl Friend’s “cinematic” debut EP

Girl Friend’s two EPs to date do sound similar, it must be said. But they’re both of a stylistic framework that doesn’t allow much wriggle room – it’s certainly not a bad thing, the melodies are strong enough to carry the songs and help them stop short of becoming indistinguishable. Probably the best way to describe their sound is that their songs match each other, like a great outfit. Slip them on, go out, have fun, get them dirty and then slip them off again. It’s what Girl Friend would want you to do.

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