superfoodpressshotTo start with a cliché, good things come to those who wait. Since playing their first show (as Baby 100) back in October, Superfood have since changed their name twice, performed a number of gigs, and released exactly no music. But tonight, to an audience listening on tenterhooks from all across the country and beyond, the band unveiled their first studio recording live on BBC Radio 1. Impressive, right?

Named ‘Next Hype’ by Zane Lowe, the title fits the band to a tee. With little – other than their live shows – on which to base the buzz surrounding them, Superfood have found themselves transported to national radio on a whirlwind of hysteria, not unlike the tornado that transported Dorothy to Oz. The difference being that instead of knocking over a wicked witch and saving some munchkins from a terrible time, Superfood have blown us all away, and presented us with the promise of something incredible.

Whilst their shows saw them compared to 45494_163147060516355_457655233_nbands like Viva Brother (I feel the need to clarify that that comparison was based on their sonic similarities, we’re not trying to say that they’re arrogant, loudmouth posh boys with crap tattoos – Ed), on record ‘Superfood’ is a different beast. It still echoes the Britpop vibes that flow through the groups live performances, but with a rockier edge. Deliciously dirty guitars riff and ricochet off each other, melding with harmonies sweet enough to melt the sternest of critics (you’ve got to admit that hype has brought us to something spectacular this time). The track’s incredibly catchy lyrics will have you hooked in an instant (it took me over a week to shake it loose after their Christmas show with Peace), and possibly searching for something or other to eat. As subliminal messaging goes, it’s probably not the best, but for music this good, I’m prepared to be “always hungry”.

The bands self-titled track is available to download for free from their website. If you jump on any bandwagon this year, let it be Superfood’s. After making a start like this one, you can be sure that they’re going to go far.

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I really like music that makes you hit repeat. I love Suede more than a lot of bands. Arctic Monkeys, Blur, The Cribs, Drenge, Interpol, Jaws, The Libertines, Mystery Jets, Palma Violets, Peace, Pulp, Spinal Tap, Swim Deep, Tame Impala, Tempting Rosie...