It is an outright lie to say that Europeans invented punk. And considering the current period of history we find ourselves in, it’s better late than never to rewrite that lie.

The DIY Diaspora Punx are a collective of creatives who have come together to do just this. Their solidarity extends to those who are ‘people who are descended (through one or both parents) from the original inhabitants of Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Australasia, North America, and the islands of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean.’

As such, they are organising next year’s Decolonise Fest to celebrate just that. Until then, they are putting on a free fundraiser at The Unicorn, Camden, on November 4 this year. Bands scheduled to perform so far include Big Joanie and JUNK. Come along to celebrate and rewrite history.

About The Author

Lee Whear

Young punk full of love, hoping they've got enough tobacco left when the revolution comes. Canterbury Christchurch University graduate, previous work has appeared in thnksfrthrvrw, Hitsville U.K., Bearded Magazine, and God Is In The TV Zine.