Here’s something new, for us at least, we’re asking bands what other music has influenced them. And we’re starting with Holy Esque.

Swerving between dark 80s sounds and shimmering electro pop, Holy Esque bring all that you enjoy from post-punk and update it for the present day. Their recently released EP, Sub Mission, mixed in Copenhagen by Jon Schumann, has been receiving praise from almost everywhere, and the single, Strange, has just won BBC 6 Music’s Rebel Playlist, so you can tell they are going places!

Holy Esque’s melodies are special, the vocals charismatic, and it all blends together to give a fantastic sound.

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PAT HYNES (Vocals, Guitar)

Taken from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 1986 album ‘Your Funeral…My Trial’ – ‘Sad Waters’ is one of the original tracks that opened me to the endlessly fascinating world of Nick Cave. Lyrically, nothing is inherently sad yet the song could bring you to tears which is true testament to Cave’s songwriting ability. The fact that such a menacing character and performer can stop and deliver songs like this is incredible.

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KEIR REID (Keyboards)

I hadn’t heard much of Shlohmo’s work until I heard ‘Buried’ earlier on this year. I loved it straight from the first listen. Through seven minutes, an array of noises build up over multiple layers. Crashing drums lend to the driving force behind the dark and haunting atmosphere. Throughout his album ‘Dark Red’, Shlohmo constantly surprises with beeps and glitches. I hear something different with every listen.

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“This song was played by a mate one night, I asked what it was and from there on I couldn’t stop listening to it. The Sound – I Can’t Escape Myself. It grabs you from the beginning, with the delivery of vocals that have a sense of despair. You hang on to every word. It’s a song which lyrically I relate to a lot. However, musically also, it’s a pretty standard song but it works so well. The way each instrument comes together, gradually builds up and intensifies, as it matches the mood of the lyrics makes it a song I’ll never tire of!

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Portishead are one of those bands I keep going back to. Clive Deamer’s cross over in styles of drumming alone is impressive – Hypnotic loops and syncopated beats played with a jazz feel and given a hip hop production works so well with the accompanying instruments. Their last album Third is a favourite of mine. The unusual song structure makes it seem like a bunch of unfinished demos or drawn out interludes. That’s something I’d like Holy Esque to experiment with one day. Check out ‘The Rip’. It’s a fuckin’ ripper!!

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Holy Esque’s EP, Submission, is out NOW. 


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