London four piece CROWS recently set out on a tour of the UK with support from garage rock trio Virgin Kids. We caught up with James from the band before they played Aatma in Manchester to ask him a few questions…

This is quite a big tour for you guys, what would you say has been the highlight so far?

J: It’s all been really fucking good, in Newcastle last night we all went out for a cigarette after the gig and someone was so riled up they threw a glass bottle under a moving car, that was quite interesting. Leeds was fun because we got to see a lot of our friends, Glasgow was lots of fun as well because we just got really drunk and joined the dancefloor for Virgin Kids.

What’s it been like having Virgin Kids on tour with you?

J: It’s been great, they’re literally some of my best mates. When we were booking a tour people were coming up to us with different options, like, “you should take ‘this’ band because they’re the buzz band at the moment” and we just thought we’d rather have a band with us for such a long time that we know we’re going to like hearing every night and hanging out with otherwise it’d just be a very long couple of weeks.

You’ve just released a new single and there’s an EP due for release soon but when can we expect an album?

J: As soon as we can into the new year really, it’s all written we’re just waiting to find the right person to record it with, and the right person to release it with.

As a frontman, who would you say are your main influences?

J: In terms of what I liked growing up I just liked to listen to a lot of hardcore stuff and punk basically, like Ian MacKaye in Fugazi and going back to his Minor Threat days too, but I used to listen to a load of Korn and Slipknot and also country and Americano music. In terms of being a frontman it’s never good to emulate anyone, you’ve just got to do your own thing.

And where did the inspiration for the band’s dark sound come from?

J: I guess when we started the band we were more garage-y and surfy but it gets kinda boring playing that stuff all the time and I was still playing guitar at this point, then we went away for a weekend in Wales and came up with these two songs and that was the sound we knew we were gonna go for – just kinda dark, drudgey, and repetitive. And that all came out of just realising we didn’t like the sound we were going for and finding what it was you actually wanted to make and carrying on with that.

How has it been going from supporting bands like Wolf Alice and Slaves to doing a full headline tour like this?

J: It’s interesting, especially considering this is our first headline tour and we’ve had people come up to us in Glasgow and say “we saw you support Wolf Alice in Leeds but we’ve come to see you in Glasgow because it’s closest for us,” and they’ll say shit they remember from the gig which is crazy that they’ll actually come back because of that one thing. Those support slots were big gigs so even if you took 5% of that crowd it’s still 50 more people that didn’t know us before so we’re really fortunate to be on those tours.

What kind of problems have you encountered on this tour?

J: I think we’ve been quite fortunate actually, the worst thing we’ve done is left something behind. Yeah we just like to have fun, get pissed, and take the piss out of each other, nothing really bad’s ever happened – well, someone shit themselves but that was in Europe so we won’t get into that…

And finally, where do you see the band in 5 years’ time?

J: Hopefully still together! Well, if we get the album done in the next year we can tour that for a year and a half, we’re just gonna keep writing songs and releasing music really.

Crows’ new single ‘Itch’ is out now and their second EP ‘Cold Comfort’ is set to be released on 18th November via Telharmonium Records.

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