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             (L-R) Tom Birchall, Jordan Molyneux, Lewis Bolton, and Jake Kelly.

Wigan’s indie-rock band Marcadia have taken the town by storm. The band consists of four gifted male members; Jake Kelly, lead singer and rhythmic guitarist; Lewis Bolton, drummer; Jordan Molyneux, bass player; and their newest addition Tom Birchall, lead guitarist – all of whom are born and bred in Wigan. Marcadia are quickly approaching their 10 month anniversary and the band members already claim that they have “overachieved”.

Before Marcadia, each member was just your stereotypical football following, beer drinking, party loving lad – but when their passion for music is intertwined, a powerful sound is created. Music is made that can only be described as being reminiscent of that made by The Stone Roses and Oasis, but with a modern twist.

Compelling words singing along to the furious strumming of guitar strings and the bashing of drums allow you to be taken back in time, back to a time when indie-rock bands dominated the charts.

Although their current songs set the standard high, the band is set to release four new and exciting songs at the beginning of April, along with their first music video.

Fate lent a hand in Marcadia’s formation. Singer-songwriter Jake, 24, explains: “We formed the band because I was friends with Jordan, and we both really enjoyed music so we got together. Then coincidentally Lewis and our original lead guitarist, Gary Telford, were in a different band that had just broken up so they joined with us.”

The band, however, has since undergone a huge transformation as they have recently replaced their original lead guitarist. The decision that Gary would leave Marcadia was made on Tuesday, February 4th.

Jake claimed: “Our guitarist left as he said that his heart was no longer in it and he had some personal issues to deal with at that time. We have a large number of pre-booked gigs for this year and he said that it was too much for him. I think he liked the idea of being in a band, but was not committed.”

Marcadia alerted fans of Gary’s departure via Facebook, where they also announced that they were looking for a new guitarist to fill his position.

When reflecting on the response they received, their down-to-earth nature shone through. Jake said shyly: “There were lists of names. I could not have anything to do with it because I was too embarrassed and I could not turn people down.”

Lewis, 19, dealt with the auditions and quickly realised that the applicants were unsuitable.

Consequently, the tale of how new lead guitarist Tom joined the band on Wednesday, February 10th – or how Marcadia recruited him– is a favourite of theirs, as they fought over who would tell the tale. Tom, 22, won the dispute and explained: “I got a friend request off Jake Kelly, and I said to my girlfriend ‘I wonder if he is asking me to join the band.’ Literally the next minute, I got a message saying ‘Do you play guitar?’ and it went from there.”

Jordan, 23, said it took thirty minutes from meeting Tom to realise that he was exactly what they were looking for – to which Lewis interrupted and exclaimed: “Thirty minutes? You mean thirty seconds!”

The band is confident that the change in guitarist is only going to improve their musical output.

Throughout the recruitment process, it was vital that the new member was from Wigan.

Tom and Lewis suggested this was important as they felt that: “When you are from the same place, you tend to have the same humour, accent, and charm and it is easier to get along.”

It seems as though they made the right choice, as Tom did not look out of place. An uninformed eye would certainly not have thought that he had only joined the band one month ago.

The name Marcadia is unusual and although it is actually the name of a planet on a well-known game called ‘Ratchet and Clank’, the lads claim that they did not realise this until after they chose it.

“To be honest, I like to say that Marcadia is an undiscovered planet and that is quite cool isn’t it,” said Jake.

They further explained that the original proposed name was ‘Arcadia’. Although, as a band from the 80s had the same name, they improvised by putting a ‘M’ at the front of it.

The boys acknowledge that they are not the first band to choose an odd name. It is certainly memorable. Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, one of Marcadia’s role models, has famously said that he thinks the name of his band is the “dumbest band name ever”.

Marcadia claim that they get musical influence and inspiration from bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, and Oasis. Those influences creep into their songs repeatedly in the form of familiar undertones and lyrical references. Although, the foursome maintain that they have a unique sound which they are still attempting to find.

Whilst achieving their dreams, all four boys are employed full-time. Jake is a land driller, Lewis is a teaching assistant, Jordan is a finance manager, and Tom is an IT assistant.

With regards to their location, the band admittedly has mixed feelings about being situated in Greater Manchester and feel as though it is bittersweet. Lewis explained: “It is both good and bad because with the high volume of bands within Manchester, it is harder to get noticed. But then again, all the best bands have come from Manchester so maybe we are best placed.”

However, Wigan brings some talented competition of its own as the lads admit: “There are about three or four bands locally,” but insist “there is no rivalry between us. We all do our own thing and play different types of music.”

Marcadia’s success is established locally and this is shown as famous rugby players such as Wigan Warriors’ George Williams and Oliver Guildrart have interacted with their Twitter account.

Not unlike most bands in the 21st century, Marcadia rely heavily on social media to publicise their band. Jordan, who is mainly in charge of this aspect, said: “In the modern age, you have got to use the internet to get yourself out there.”

Although social media is not considered in such high regard to every member of the band, as Lewis added: “I still think that the music scene used to be better. In the 80s for example, when you wanted to go and see a band, you had to go to the venue and actually watch them. But now I will have a look at them on Facebook, and if they are rubbish, I am not going to go.“

Marcadia consider young adults to be the fan base they typically attract.

Although they are relatively new to the music scene, one thing the band is particularly proud of is how much they have achieved so far. The lads consider supporting The Ordinary Boys to be their biggest accomplishment to date. However, they are equally excited to see what 2016 holds. Among other confirmed events, they are playing a gig arranged by Scruff Of The Neck Records and at We Luv Festival.

When asked about their future aspirations, Lewis instantly said: “Playing at Glastonbury and other big festivals, but not only that, travelling up and down the country as well. We are also looking at touring in Germany for a week at the moment and that will be class.”

The boys are hopeful for the success of the band, as Jake added: “We are confident that we will be signed in the near future, but as of now we are still finding our feet really.”

To keep updated with Marcadia: like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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