Liverpudlian five-piece The Vryll Society are certainly a band to watch out for in the future; their psych melodies and dream like instrumentals float around in your head. Ahead of their biggest Manchester headline show to date, we sat down with front man Mike Ellis to chat about the tour, new music and their plans for the future…

Now you’re half way through your tour, what’s been your favourite date of the tour so far and why?

Mike: My favourite date was probably last night at King Tuts (Glasgow) because it sounded amazing, the system they had in the venue was perfect for our sound.

How was your sold out show at Moth Club in London?

M: It was a good one; it was kind of a grand spectacle because so many people were there. I guess that’s really good but my favourite gig was Glasgow last night. I think Hidden Charms would tell you their favourite probably wasn’t the London one. Although it was really good there were a lot of people there because it was a social kind of thing. There were a lot of peacocks knocking about, it was still good though.

Having spent the summer on the road playing festivals how does being on tour compare? Which do you prefer?

M: It’s weird when you’re on tour – you’re like “I can’t wait for the festivals” and when you do the festivals you’re like “I can’t wait to get on tour.” Being outside is good, in the sunshine, but its good playing scuzzy indoor gigs where it gets quite sweaty, so both of them have got equal pluses and negatives.

Your single ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ sees release on the 4th November. What’s the inspiration behind it?

M: I was watching a film by Jean-Luc Godard called Masculin Féminin and so the melodies are quite similar to the soundtrack. I’ve maybe given the game away on this one really but you asked me so… it’s like we’re trying to go for a French pop aesthetic kind of thing and I think it’s come off well.

You’ve been likened to bands such as Tame Impala, The Verve and The Stone Roses but who would you personally say are your main influences?

M: It’s probably bands such as the ones that you’ve just mentioned and Can, Funkadelic, Aphrodite’s Child. There’s’ a guy called David Axelrod who we really like. Also Neu and just like esoteric kind of stuff.

Do you think being from Liverpool influences your sound?

M: Well we don’t sound like a Scouse band. Scouse bands normally sound a bit more La’s-y, Coral-y, sounding kind of Beatles-y. I guess if we were likened to anyone it would be Echo and the Bunnymen because they’re kind of left field. They’re actually my second favourite Liverpool band after the Beatles.

After the tour, what’s next for The Vryll Society?

M: After the gig tonight, our agents coming down from Brighton and he’s got his credit card with him I’m going to help him spend and party with about £800 tonight. That’s my next move after the gig. Then we’ve got Wrexham tomorrow, then Sheffield. After the tour were going to go and record a single. We’ve got the next one and the next one after that all kind of nailed down. We’re sitting pretty now. It’s good, it’s a good time to be in this band. We work really hard and you don’t get rewarded straight away – it’s like delayed gratification. You have to put the work in now then it pays off when you get down the line. For example, this tonight – it’s like a reward for putting in loads of time in the rehearsal room and going down there when you don’t really want to go down there but doing it anyway. When other people are going out for drinks and stuff on a Friday night, we’re down there rehearsing.

The Vryll Society’s new single ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ is out on 4th November via Deltasonic Records. Listen to it below:

Catch The Vryll Society live in November:

1st – Fruit, Hull
2nd – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
3rd – The Cookie, Leicester
4th – 02 Academy 2, Oxford
5th – Lennons, Southampton

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