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The delightful Wild Child have a philosophy which is particularly alluring. They are a family and the fans are their friends and what happens between these human beings during their live shows becomes an organic and beautiful experience full of movement, youthful energy and expressive sonic experimentation. Their music is full of perky rhythms and gorgeous harmonies, and we are extremely lucky that the band are bringing their indie/folk/pop sensibilities to the UK on 8th November and are set to play several shows around the country promoting latest album, ‘The Runaround’. The record, produced by Ben Kweller no less, on his own label The Noise Company has been receiving rave reviews since its release on 20th October. Hooting and Howling caught a few moments with lead vocalist Alexander Beggins.

Hi guys! I love ‘The Runaround’ so much. What kept you from releasing it in the UK for so long?

Alexander: Well we wanted to get all of our ducks in a row before we did our European release. We knew we wanted to tour behind it and it took us a little while to stitch up loose ends on distribution etc.

Austin has this great reputation for music. Can you tell our readers about this corner of Texas you call home?

A: Austin is and will always be our home base and retreat. It’s a city that prides itself on its close and deep rooted connection to music. Any given night of the week there are hundreds of shows. It’s a beautiful town but I’d say most people fall in love with the people. We’re friendly Texans and Austin has a reputation of being much more liberal than the rest of the state. It’s laid back and has something for everyone. Basically, Austin is the shit.

In your opinion, how does ‘The Runaround’ differ from first album ‘Pillow Talk’?

A: They are two different beasts and have a very different feel to them. They each represent a different way to approach recording a record. ‘Pillow Talk’ was free form. We rented a delapitated house in South Austin and holed up there for a month and recorded at our leisure. We’d get drunk and figure out the songs day by day. There’s a certain beauty in it’s imperfections. ‘The Runaround’ was recorded 10AM-10PM Monday through Friday at a very high end studio. We had the most expensive equipment and one of the best sound engineers out there today, shout out Steve Mazur. I think you can feel the difference between the two albums. We love both of them. We just recorded our third album which we feel is a hybrid of both strategies and sounds. Stay tuned. It’s awesome.

What did Ben Kweller add to the Wild Child sound?

A: Ben Kweller is the man. He helped us mature and refine our sound while helping us maintain our playful innocence. We had been a fan of his for such a long time so it was amazing to work with someone we respected so much. Love that guy.

You’re arriving in the UK shortly and playing the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester. Are there any musical pilgrimages or tourist visits you plan on making whilst you’re here?

A: All of the pubs.

If ‘The Runaround’ could only be played in one place in the world, where would that be?

A: In a submarine.

What songs and bands did you obsess about when you were young?

A: We all have such different musical tastes that I can only speak for myself. I was a Weezer kid when I first got into music. Moved from there to The Strokes, The Walkmen, Animal Collective. I liked songs with big tom heavy drum beats, something you could kick your feet around to. Of course I was introduced to The Beatles early on but didn’t truly appreciate it for what it was until later in life.

Do you find these old obsessions influencing your own music? What else influences and inspires you?

A: That’s kind of the beauty to this band. We all have such different musical tastes and obsessions that we kind of throw all of it into a Wild Child witches brew which helps us develop our hopefully original sound. Kelsey loves old old classics and Chris has literally listened to nothing but Kendrick Lamar for the past month.

You’re going to be away from home for while in the next few weeks. What are you going to miss and what makes touring fun?

A: We all have animals back home that we miss like crazy on the road. It’s not unlikely that after a week we start showing each other pictures of our pets. We also miss our friends and families obviously. The beauty of touring is the sense of family that you get on the road. We spent literally every waking moment together. You fight like cats and dogs but there is an indescribable love for one another. We get to see and experience the world together and play music along the way.

What can we expect from the live shows this autumn?

A: An assortment of songs and smiles and maybe a drink or two knocked over on stage.

You can catch the raucous Wild Child experience at the following venues:

8 – Brighton @ Audio Brighton
11 – London @ Hoxton Square
12 – Bristol @ Thekla
13 – Birmingham @ O2 Acedemy 3
14 – Manchester @ Night & Day Cafe
15 – Sheffield @ The Leadmill
16 – Newcastle @ Think Tank
18 – Glasgow @ King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut
19 – Dublin @ The Workman’s Club
20 – Limerick @ Kasbah Social Club

View ‘Crazy Bird’, the lead single from ‘The Runaround’ here.

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