Photos by Sam Lindley

Photos by Sam Lindley

Babe Punch are a new, upcoming 5-piece alternative rock band from Nottingham/Derby. The band started in 2014 and in the short two years of them being together they have rocketed, making themselves stand out amongst all the other incredible upcoming bands. Their distinguished venomous and angry sound can be heard in their debut EP, ‘Control’.

The 5-piece is made up of vocalist Molly Godber, Carys Jones and Miles Cooke (guitar), Abbie Roberts (bass) and Adam Fletcher (drums). Molly’s raucous vocals are what give them the edge, her voice is notable, memorable and the composition of their music to accompany the vocals is exactly right.

In their songs it’s quite clear who their influences are. For a start there’s Hole – the organisation and roles within the band are much similar to the ’90s grunge band, and Sonic Youth and PJ Harvey are just a small handful of the influences that have helped Babe Punch create their identity.

Babe Punch have already made themselves known amongst artists such as Drenge and The Wytches in response to their debut single ‘Snake Tongue’. This bunch of talented teenagers continuously play gigs, stretching across the country gaining acknowledgement from other bands and promoters and have even had the privilege to play at Y Not and Dot To Dot Festival, to name a few.

Babe Punch will be playing at Outlines Festival in Sheffield on 3rd – 4th March 2017. Listen to their EP ‘Control’ below:

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