beach skulls

It’s extremely fitting to introduce a band like Beach Skulls at this time of year. Their sweet fusion of 1950s doo wop and modern beach pop means they should be part of everyone’s summer soundtrack. The two guys based in Liverpool who make up Beach Skulls often choose to sport Hawaiian shirts and Doc Marten boots, and their fashion sense reflects in their music; surf mixed with a little alternative. Their music may capture the essence of summertime, but of course don’t forget to listen to them throughout winter when you dream of sunny days.

There isn’t a great deal of background information on Beach Skulls, but their music says it all. For a fairly new and hidden band they have a wealth of material featured on their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.

‘Meet Me At the Beach House’ has to be their stand out number, with its insanely catchy singalong chorus and a smooth riff, it oozes summer romance. The video that accompanies this single features the duo showing off some well-choreographed dance moves…

Their cassette ‘A Different Kind of Smooth’ really is everything it claims to be. It only includes 4 tracks, but from start to finish their echoed guitar riffs and low pitched vocals send you into a daze. The release on cassette genuinely adds to the aged feel of their sound, and it’s always nice to know that music fans still own cassette players (well I do anyway).

If you’re feeling blue at this time of year, we certainly have the perfect band for you.

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