Hailing from Motor City, it comes as little surprise that Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas are a band built around sleaze-soaked soul, frenetic r’n’b, and the rich vocals which provide the band with their trademark edge. With such an eclectic array of influences fused together, one would be forgiven for thinking that the finished product would be somewhat erratic, disjointed even, but for Hernandez and her band, that simply isn’t the case. “We get called a lot of different things from a lot of different people,” she says. “It’s a combination of stuff that’s really fun and dark and makes you feel a whole range of emotions.” 

She’s not wrong. Their latest EP ‘Caught Up’, sees the band effortlessly segue from rockabilly to indie-pop, never once losing the soulful edge brought about by Hernandez’ ever-impressive vocals. There’s even an excellent cover of Le Tigre’s ‘Deceptacon’ which is both recognisable yet doesn’t escape the Delta treatment.

Having impressed taste-makers on the other side of the Atlantic, Hernandez is ready to unleash her self-style rock’n’soul in Europe, coinciding a stint in the UK and on the continent with the EP’s release. With such broad appeal, it’s difficult to imagine the band staying underground for very long, and as such, we couldn’t recommend joining the party sooner.

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Dave Beech

Having spent my formative years torn between crying in my bedroom to tedious early '00s emo records and playing in a couple of terrible punk bands, I decided I was far better suited to writing about music than playing it. Now, approaching my mid-twenties all of a sudden, armed with little more than an unhealthy penchant for sarcasm and an acquired taste for warm cider, I can mostly be found haunting the unsigned circuit of Manchester as often as I can the city's bigger venues, championing those bands who don't quite get the attention they deserve, as much as panning those who get too much. Twitter: @dave__beech