They may have formed in 2009, but with their UK tour next year, it is time for some light to be shed on this mod-folk foot stomping group.

Keston Cobbler’s Club are an underrated gem from the town of Keston (near Croydon). Their soul and upbeat vibes have a somewhat fairytale quality which we struggle to hear in many other groups; they’re talented musicians playing accordions and banjos – all with a great sense of British wit to enchant us, I’m surprised that the Cobbler’s are yet to make it as a household name on the albums of British folk music, for all the charisma this group oozes.  It’s quirky how traditional and experienced their music feels, while being woven from a young group. This kind of folk music is exclusive, the free spirit in you will appreciate the Cobblers; this kind of music is to be played to make all things alright.

It’s great that YouTube is such a powerful tool today, it let me stumble upon something different from my standard music taste. A real communal feel conjures in their live appearances; their website states, “Cobblers is all about Collaboration, and many talented musicians also play frequently with the band.”  Details about their live tour in the UK in 2013 and other live performances is updated on their website, and I for one will be stock-piling tickets.


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