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Hailing from Manchester, Liam McClair has been performing acoustic and folk across the North West since 2012. The romantic singer-songwriter picked up a guitar, as a casual hobby, at age sixteen. McClair was once part of Manchester’s Youth Academy football team but he swapped his leading passion of sports for music, after an injury. So six years later, with music as a main focus, he is spreading his soulful self releases. With such serenading lyrics and soothing guitar chords, you can guess McClair is a bigger swoon behind the mic than in football boots anyway. As a constant presence on Manchester’s gig circuit, the now twenty-two year old is becoming an established artist.

Liam McClair’s first EP ‘How’ was brought to attention after its title-track was played on Old Trafford’s grounds in 2013. ‘How’ is a collection of acoustic numbers of uplifting sweetness. The leading track is a cheering and charming song, describing the will to liaise the affection of a pretty girl. With his deep and dapper vocals, McClair drowns the listener in lovable original words, “she’s so pretty oh my lord, her features fit together like a major chord.” The three accompanying tracks are of equal enchanting measure.

A cover of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘R U Mine?’ adds to McClair’s online repertoire. The indie chart hit is of a refreshingly delicate approach, and McClair’s knee-weakening soft voice could give Alex Turner a run for his money.

More recent online tracks, such as ‘Lose My Faith’, demonstrate how McClair’s sound is already developing. Expanding from the adorability of his first EP, his lyrics become darker, describing a closing relationship. With the addition of a brass section, and the allure of more whimsically tender vocals, McClair’s sound is thicker, impacting even more emotionally. He demonstrates a greater ability to create than just your average guitar thrusting troubadour.

Glimpses of Liam McClair’s new EP ‘Honey’ can also be found online. A live and acoustic recording of the opening track is enough to have you in anticipation for the official release. McClair remains romantic, but with richer guitar sweeps and maturing words, “So honey, whisper some wisdom into my life, for a listening kingdom, where we spend our time…”

‘Honey’ sees official release on 28th July.
The Castle Hotel in Manchester is to host the EP launch on 26th July. For further details see Liam McClair’s Facebook page here.

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