Edinburgh based duo Man Of Moon – made up of Chris Bainbridge (vocals/guitar) and Mikey Reid (drums) – are a band in the ascendency after releasing their EP ‘Medicine’ in May. They have rapidly gained notoriety for their doomy vocals which evoke a Jesus and Mary Chain vibe, concocting of an electronic and eerie sound.

The pair released their debut single ‘The Road’ in 2015 and since then have assembled a contemplative, almost anti-gravity sound which has enabled them – in the space of one year – to tour across Europe and the UK. The EP ‘Medicine’ – released on Melodic Records – is a perfect homage to the duos versatility and abundance of talent. ‘Sign’, the leading track of the EP, has a levitating, melancholic aura which would sound immense in both an enclosed acoustic environment and a festival.

Although the pair are yet to release a studio album, we are given an enticing insight into the capabilities of this illustrious duo. Other tracks on the EP such as ‘I Run’ incorporate a higher tempo alongside a ferocious percussion from Reid. One of the predominant reasons why we believe Man Of Moon are destined for glory is Bainbridge’s lyricism. Accompanied by the atmospheric, calculated beats are these meticulous yet simplistic verses which are thoroughly relatable. Bainbridge is able to articulate in a manner which is poetic and easy to understand – an attribute almost impossible to acquire and will definitely be emphasised upon the release of an album which we can only plead is just around the corner.

A truly fitting name for a band residing out of the earth’s atmosphere. It looks as if a UK tour isn’t an eventuality until next year, which is devastating. However, we implore that you keep your eyes rigidly peeled on this outfit.

Listen to Man Of Moon below:

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