Usually when we think of the ‘drums-guitar-duo’ we instantly have the girl & boy scenario in our heads: Blood Red Shoes, The White Stripes, The Kills etc. Moriaty break this stereotypical assumption, with the two lads bringing their alternative and extremely refreshing brand of blues rock that fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Computers and old Kings Of Leon listeners will certainly enjoy.

The two-piece, hailing from Teignmouth, formed in the summer of 2012, with Jordan West taking lead vocals and the guitar whilst Matthew Partridge provides drums and a few cases of backing vocals. The pair is currently signed to Saucy Cant Records, whereupon they released their ‘Lord Blackwood EP’.

Towards the end of 2012, the band released the video for their single ‘Mindsweeper’. The track has a killer riff that runs throughout and begins with a dark, dirty verse before bringing in some lovely distorted mess with plenty of crashing cymbals from Partridge in the bridge, then satisfyingly locking back into position with West wrapping up the song by adding a lovely little blues solo in synchronization with the (to re-iterate) KILLER riff. It’s an infectious, addictive song, and it is all delivered with great paired vocals: snarls from West, oos from Partridge.

This duo cannot be ignored.

Moriaty will be playing an all-ages show along with several other bands at The Fleece, Bristol, 15th February. Tickets can be purchased from the event’s official Facebook page here.

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