I think it’s fair to say that most music fans look to Birmingham, Manchester or London for their latest fix of emerging bands. Sadly, the South West of England often falls under the radar when it comes to new music; but that does not mean it’s lacking in exciting acts.

Bristol based four-piece Saona have been creating upbeat indie music together for 5 years, and considering they’re aged 18 and 19 that’s a pretty long time. To top this feat, they’ve already recorded their debut EP with Bath’s Rec House Records, and are also working closely with MAS Records in Bristol. Not many bands can say they’ve released an EP and have been signed by a record label before the age of 20.

Their debut EP, ‘Shaded Glass’, is the perfect taster of what Saona offer. The opening track ‘Dripping Away’ has been stuck in my head since the first listen. It boasts an incredibly funky bass line that climaxes in a powerful guitar solo, making this the stand out track. ‘Fake Faces’ only adds to the energy with catchy guitar riffs and ‘Reality’ shows that they can do jazz infused pop just as well as funk; it neatly breaks the EP up between the jangly tunes. You can clearly hear hints of one of their strong influences, Foals, in the sense that their music has the elements of their infectious guitar melodies and emotive lyrics.

Saona have proved that they have heaps of future potential because of their strong grip on a multitude of genres, giving them every opportunity to break away from the ‘indie’ pigeon-hole.


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