the marquettes

Being a band in Manchester is difficult. The rich musical history of the great Northern powerhouse brings with it a weight of expectation under which most bands wither and die, like saplings in the shade of bigger trees, before they even get to scratch the surface of the city’s music scene. It’s Manchester’s intrinsic quality control, a musical Darwinism if you will; that means the city can rest assured that the bands that do survive will be suitable standard-bearers.

The Marquettes are one of those bands. The unapologetically Mancunian quartet cut their teeth playing the Middleton pub circuit before moving on to the Manchester scene where they have shared stages with The Heartbreaks, The Lottery Winners and Blossoms. The release of their debut three track EP ‘Darling, Don’t Fret’ last year brought with it a wave of new attention, with Fred Perry Subculture citing them as one of their ‘Manchester bands you need to hear now!’ and it’s easy to hear why.

Despite being obviously influenced by other Mancunian bands such as The Heartbreaks and The Smiths; The Marquettes sound fresh. The meandering guitar riffs intertwine seamlessly with vocals that tell stories of young love and heartache in the modern age. ‘Friend I Never Had’, with its captivatingly self-aware and descriptive lyrics, is a beautiful, honest ode to a former lover; whereas the snarling ‘Homesick’ showcases the band’s less gentle side as it details the frustrations of being away from home.

The melodies are infectious and ooze impenitent pop which, in an era where ‘pop’ seems to be a dirty word, is refreshing to hear. The lack of synthetic sounds, in a musical landscape where the ubiquity of electronic music is at an all-time high, means that although The Marquettes are offering something authentic and original, it’s impossible to not feel nostalgic when listening.

The lads have come a long way since their formative years in the pubs of Middleton but in reality, they’re only just starting to really get going. With an arsenal of silky pop songs and a dash of Mancunian charm The Marquettes have everything it takes to join the long list of great Manchester bands.

The Marquettes are playing at Zombie Shack in Manchester on Thursday 10th September.

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