It’s fair to say it’s been a while the UK have had a gritty new rock‘n’roll band. Flash back to 2005 when The Darkness topped the charts winning numerous awards, leading us all to believe rock was really back on top and back for good. Fast forward to now where The Darkness haven’t quite followed up on their initial success, leaving a big hole for a new and even more exciting band to pioneer the genre once again.

Then there’s The Struts, a band name that sincerely fits as lead singer Luke Spiller is certainly a modern day Mick Jagger with the amount of stage presence he brings to live performances and the ability to get the crowd’s devoted attention. What’s a great rock band without a mean lead guitar? Adam Slack’s Angus Young-like power is an essential ingredient brining killer riffs, making their songs perfectly infectious.

Their first single ‘I Just Know’ is a searing anthem, Spiller’s vocals are absolutely belting and there’s a roaring lead guitar hook making it an instant favourite. If you love energy with an equal amount of charm and sex appeal, then The Struts are most certainly for you. Clearly influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, but not to mention edgy and fresh, as a lot of bands can try hard to sound like the past and fail miserably, however here is not the case.

If ‘I Just Know’ is anything to go by, their debut album released later this year should blow you away.


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