After releasing their self-funded debut album ‘Alive’ in 2014, and playing a mostly sold out tour early last year, 2016 has seen Pontefract rockers Glass Caves come firing back into the scene. The current live dates follow the release of their single ‘Alive’ back in spring and also to promote the forthcoming single ‘Do You Have a Name’. Post-Saturday’s gig it’s evident the band have been away focusing on polishing their new material, enabling their return to be backed by a body of work as strong as their debut.

You’ll often find Glass Caves on a street corner in cities such as York, Leeds, Manchester or Sheffield. They are fully-fledged grafters prepared to grow their audience from an unsuspecting public by playing long hours and pushing sales of CDs and gig tickets. Seeing them perform in this context convinces you of the band’s potential and allows you to appreciate how this is given further dimension during stage performance. The addition of bassist Will and the electronification of their sound bring the band to life and lift each song to a new level.

Opening with flagship single ‘Go’, its anthemic chorus and up-tempo rhythm provide a driving force, the band’s performance is energetic and high-powered. Following this they launch into two unreleased tracks ‘Bad Liar’ and ‘I Do,  the latter standing out; the catchy melody and repetition of the title throughout making it linger. The rowdy, beer fuelled crowd less, bothered by the newer tracks are soon pulled back in by familiar album track ‘Be Together’. The passion put into their performance is felt through the drummer, Elliot’s sheer attack and front-man, Matt’s showmanship. He teases the crowd: “if you fancy it there are a few spaces about up here, if anybody wants to have a dance” inciting a stage invasion mid-set, during latest single ‘Alive’.


Despite only playing a short and sweet set, due to the band’s late arrival on stage, curfew soon arrived leaving no time for an encore. However, the band rebelled, obliging the roaring crowds’ demand for more, ignoring instruction from venue staff and risking power switch off to end the night with fittingly titled ‘Out of Control’.

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Ellie Nolan

Manchester based Music Business student always on the lookout for new talent, hoping to enter the world of tour or band management in the future. Particularly passionate about indie guitar bands and loves a boogie. Twitter: @Ellie_Nolan_