Having released their second album, ‘Simplicity‘ on the 4th November, Birmingham born lads, Jaws, were eager to get the new album well and truly on the road. The indie pop youngsters kicked off their tour in the lively city of Bristol.

The crowd was successfully warmed up by the Peckham born singer songwriter, Cosmo Pyke, before Jaws’ inspiring set, confidently fronted by lead man Connor Schofield, gave plenty for the Bristol crowd to shout about. The small capacity venue of Thekla most certainly aided the youngsters in creating an intimate and powerful atmosphere.

Opening up with ‘Just A Boy’, the first track off the new album, the packed South West crowd were brought to life. Besides, it’s not very often you get to dance around on a boat listening to your favourite band – once tagged by the graffiti legend, Banksy, himself.

The debut single of 2016, ‘Right in Front of Me’, was well received by the crowd, with its rhythmical drumbeat and catchy guitar riff; a key sound built into ‘Simplicity’.

Schofield continued to show his talents in the frontman department by initiating ‘The Invisible Sleep’: a potentially nervy intro of purely himself and the guitar, creating a melodic build up into the chorus. Connor was simply not phased by such a daunting prospect, which helped boost the confidence of the band as a whole. Alex Hudson (guitars) also showed clear composure, bringing in strong riffs and clear dynamics through his strong solo input in the latter stages of the song.

Crowd engagement was a clear motive that Jaws adopted. Connor made a conscious effort to provide a sense of unity, gratuitously thanking the audience for such a warm welcome to their opening night of the tour.

As the night concluded, ‘Gold’ was dropped in the encore which helped solidify the already loyal and passionate crowd from the early days of ‘Be Slowly’. It is phenomenal how far the band has come already, from the days of ‘Toucan Surf’ and ‘Surround You’ to where they are now.

After only forming in 2012 and having already polished off a new album, the quartet are an encouraging prospect for the future, remaining fully in the spotlight.

About The Author

Luke Allsop

Media and Journalism student based in the beautiful city of Bristol. Have always had a keen interest in music since taking up the guitar from an early age. As well as having a broad music taste, I'm a big fan of: indie, rock, acoustic hip hop and more recently – jazz and grime.