Kaleo are flawless rock and roll at its best; a goose bump inducing experience for rock and roll disciples and enthusiasts alike. It’s been a long time since such stage presence has emerged in the indie rock genre.

As they expertly crafted every note of the performance, enrapturing the audience for the entire show, their mature take on blues indie music is thoroughly refreshing and it’s easy to see why they are so critically acclaimed. Live, they seem to confirm that they are not just another flimsy rock band but something of substance and impeccable talent.

For once, the crowd weren’t just waiting for the band’s biggest hits, which they played in the middle of the performance, but were thoroughly entertained throughout. The stripped acoustic style of songs, such as ‘All The Pretty Girls’ and ‘Save Yourself’, fitted the rawness of JJ Julius Son’s voice with style and elegance.

The band seemed almost as if they were showcasing JJ Julius Son’s incredible voice, rather than attempting to compete with its intensity, as they often played with unassuming charm. Though at intervals they stepped forward and performed sophisticated and passionate instrumentals.

‘Vor í Vaglaskógi’, the song in the band’s native Icelandic tongue, had the audience entirely captivated; an adaptation of a love poem that became a song in the 60s is such an apt performance for the rock and roll band, who drew out the sweetness of its lyrical meaning. It was such a sensitive, personal performance that it felt only respectful to be absolutely silent.

The real magic though came from the raucous, ripping performances of the bands more rock and roll tunes. Here the band thrived, creating perfect melodies, stunningly detailed riffs and spontaneous instrumentals that were just a pleasure to behold. Their intense performance left the audience ravenous for these blues melodies they build so well.

Though it is only their second time performing in Birmingham it was clear that the audience, calling for an encore, are eager for them to return to the city soon.

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