Only nineteen years of age, Ten Tonnes (Ethan Barnett) is one to watch out for in the future. With just one recorded EP under his belt, but appearances at the likes of Reading and Leeds and performances for Burberry over the summer, he’s starting to capture attention.


Ten Tonnes. Photo by Charlotte MacMillan.

The tracks ‘Cracks Between’ and ‘Balancing Act’ possess a heavier, mainstream vibe showcasing the potential for Ten Tonnes’ music to appeal to a wider audience, if he continues to follow in this direction.

Confirming his diversity as a singer-songwriter, ‘Subtle Changes’ sees the temporary departure of the band – slowing down the tempo and enabling Barnett to create a soft acoustic haze. The otherwise silent room becomes filled with his softening vocals and acoustic guitar chords. Conversely, ‘Stop’ highlights Ten Tonnes’ ability to make a bold sound; its frenzied guitar lines pulling it along at a rapid pace.

His debut record ‘Lucy’ is brimming with potential and possesses a unique blues-esque yet indie pop-influenced style. The single’s strong guitar lead and grasping chorus get toes tapping and provokes a joyful response as the band bring their set to a close.

Exactly three weeks after the long-awaited release of their debut ‘So Long Forever’, Palace play to a sold-out Manchester crowd at the iconic Deaf Institute. The venue’s character and charm paired with the dream-like ambience and almost vintage style of their music is a match made in heaven. The acoustics enhance the band’s sound, beautifully showcasing the album.


Palace. Photo by Charlotte MacMillan.

‘So Long Forever’ brings a better balance between lyrics and melody to Palace’s music, displaying their development as a band. Previous EPs ‘Lost in the Night’ and ‘Chase the Light’ focus heavily on the vocals providing a more haunted melodic vibe than the album’s bluesy feel.

Despite the current tour’s accompaniment to the album release, the set list is teeming with a mix of older tracks amongst the newer ones. Opening with ‘Head Above The Water’, the track flows in waves of soft verses before building to a rumbling instrumental climax, almost symbolic of a crashing wave against the shoreline, perfectly mimicking its title.

Throughout the evening the excitable audience cheers the band, encouraging them as well as trying to draw a response from front man Leo Wyndam. He makes light with his response to the rowdy, alcohol-fuelled crowd, who desperately call out for track ‘It’s Over’, laughing it off he simply replies “It’s not over yet”.

Following an opening sequence of older favourites comes the first newer track, ‘Have Faith’. It sparkles with its uplifting melody and Wyndam’s impressive falsetto. He convincingly acts out the track’s essence through his performance, urging the crowd: “Please be brave ‘Cause I need your faith”. 


Palace. Photo by Charlotte MacMillan.

‘Break The Silence’ grows and builds seamlessly; tender vocals lifted with soaring guitars and waves of thundering drums. The debut’s lead single is packed with emotion and energy which is further amplified live; the atmospheric-pop chorus flooding the main hall and captivating the crowd.

Succeeding the uplift brought by the former single, followed the exposure of a more vulnerable side to the band. ‘Holy Smoke’ explores the themes of loss and spirituality whilst being delicately backed by graceful guitar lines and a soulful, punchy chorus to effortlessly display the songs emotion.

Perhaps Palace’s most iconic track, ‘Bitter’ oozes with blues-laden guitar riffs and sombre vocals. Its soothing melody flaunts their distinct style and perfectly embodies the flavour of their sound. It brings about a sense of nostalgia to the end of the night whilst allowing the band to show off their growth since its initial release. Subtle changes to elements of the song make it more fitting with the style of the album.

Hinting at their return to Manchester early next year, it’s certain after Friday evening’s performance we’ll be seeing a lot more of Palace in the future.


All photos by Charlotte MacMillan.

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