General rule of thumb dictates that if you trip up the stairs with a pint of beer in your hand whilst in front of a huge gathering of people, and you manage to retain at least half of your pint and a smile on your face, then you’ll probably have a good night. Such an occurrence did indeed happen to me not even 10 minutes after walking into the hallowed hall of Camden’s Koko for the Club NME NYE bash, starring the best thing to come out of Birmingham since Cadbury’s chocolate, Peace. It’s that kind of night.

By the time support act Luls arrive onstage, the crowd are already plastered and the atmosphere is celebratory, as the three-piece tear through a short, anthem-filled set, including recent single, ‘Swing Low‘. They manage to hold the audience’s attention despite the intoxicated nature of them all, and the thundering basslines get everyone’s feet tapping, ears ringing, and even a few bums wiggling (not mine, I don’t dance for noone). To sound awfully clichéd, they’re definitely ones to watch for next year.

Annoyingly, the headline act for the evening don’t actually arrive onstage until after midnight (I’d prepared myself for some almighty moment of euphoria where the crowd count down from 10 and at the exact moment that the clock hits midnight, Peace burst into hit song ‘Bloodshake‘, confetti streams from every orifice of Koko’s body and everyone strips off and lets the devil consume their soul), but by the time they do appear, they’re treated to a heroes welcome, and promptly launch into new single, ‘Wraith‘, in all its glory, with the downright saucy beat (yeah, you heard) driving the band right into 2013 in style, before following up with the raucous ‘Follow Baby‘ and the dirty groove of ‘Ocean’s Eye‘. There’s even an unnamed new song, taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, which manages that rare phenomena of actually having people sing along by the second chorus despite the fact that they’ve never heard the song before. It’s a beautiful moment which really captures the essence of Peace, and just how much people are willing them to do well.

Indeed, the heaving venue literally feels like it will burst if one more person walks in, so it is with an ever-so-slight amount of relief that the band finish off their epic jam of ‘1998 (Delicious)‘ and make it into ‘Bloodshake‘, a song now permeated in even Radio 1’s playlist, meaning it’ll surely be a contender for ‘Festival Anthem of 2013’, and why the hell wouldn’t it, it’s the perfect close to a perfect night for a perfect band who’ve had a perfect year. Bring on 2013.

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