Taking Back Sunday. Photo by Charlotte Macmillan.

On the 15th of February, rock band Taking Back Sunday played the O2 Ritz in Manchester. After previously seeing them put on such an entertaining and amazing show, the great expectations in my mind were blown out of the water once again.

The outstanding atmosphere at the gig was also heightened by the lineup. The band is on tour with their longtime touring friend Frank Iero and his band The Patience (Matt Olsson, Evan Nestor, and Alex Paul) as their support. The two bands are so close that it was almost like a co-headline tour.

Frank Iero and The Patience are one of the best support acts I’ve seen in a while. They hyped up the crowd perfectly, and had them singing along and jumping only a few chords into ‘World Destroyer’, the first song on their set and their sophomore album ‘Parachutes’. Frontman Frank Iero has a unique voice which is even more mesmerising when hearing it live. Only a few songs in and he has the entire crowd invested, which makes you forget for a moment that he isn’t the headlining act on the stage.

Frank Iero and The Patience. Photo by Charlotte Macmillan.

Taking Back Sundays UK/Irish tour included the cities Belfast and Dublin: cities they haven’t been to in nearly six years. As a results, fans were queuing from the early morning to get a good spot at the highly anticipated show. Taking Back Sunday’s frontman, Adam Lazzara, apologised to the crowd when they played in Dublin by quickly recounting a story about the lack of enthusiasm for their band in Ireland back in 2011. This was worlds away from the reaction they had gained this time around.

Lazzara as a frontman is a show in itself. He isn’t restricted by a guitar around his neck so he saunters around the stage demanding everyone’s attention, dancing more than singing and swinging the microphone around so spectacularly. As a collective though, the band are stunning, and the show they put on is as inspiring like no other. Their opening song ‘Death Wolf’, from their recent album ‘Tidal Wave’, is an instant hit with the crowd causing them to go crazy.


Taking Back Sunday. Photo by Charlotte Macmillan.

Taking Back Sunday have grown from the ‘EMO’ icons title of the mid-noughties that their albums ‘Louder Now’ and ‘Notes From The Past’ gained them, but they can still perform their hits ‘Cute Without the E’ and ‘MakeDamnSure’ with the same passion and vigour which really does take you back ten years. The entire crowd were jumping in unison and screaming the lyrics back at the band who have now been around for eighteen years. Their continuously growing popularity is conveyed through the countless fans as young as thirteen turning up to their UK tour now and still being just as enthusiastic as the older fans.

Their recent album translates amazingly live and the reaction from the fans is mind blowing. Playing the title track, ‘You Can’t Look Back’, ‘Call Come Running’, and ‘Death Wolf’ showed not only the band’s growth but their never lacking ability to create outstanding hit after hit and also be able to take these songs to a new level when performed live. Finishing on ‘MakeDamnSure’ the entire crowd is moving as one and screaming the lyrics back and they leave you wanting more.

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