The Attic Doctors provide the perfect soundtrack for the rock-enthused weekend hedonist. Coming together in debauched conception at a house party two years back, the Bolton boys formulated their unique guitar-dance vigor and has thus now refined the band’s own indie party anthems. The unsigned group has quickly been developing their eclectic live sound in venues across the North West, since their carousing beginnings The Attic Doctors have been spreading their rousing and indulgent sound of weekend excess to many an ear.

In celebration of the release of their second self-published EP ‘Remedy’, The Attic Doctors bring their animated sound to a headline spot at Manchester Academy 3 tonight. Packed with enough indie-rock vitality to satisfy fans of Primal Scream to Kasabian and Foals, the Greater Manchester group surely know how to stoke up some good old-fashioned Friday night revelry.


Tonight the band invites a brand new member onstage with the band, increasing the animated foursome into a five-piece. With an additional guitarist, the band flourish with further charged dynamism.


Cartwheeling into their set with ‘Remedy’ opener ‘You & Me’, The Attic Doctors karate chop with ecstatic guitar riffs. Slicing the atmosphere with fiercely penetrating guitar play and a searing attitude, the party is off to a kicking start.


Swirling in dark magnetism ‘Gasoline’ stomps a rocking drive. The Attic Doctors stamp their foot down on the accelerator and tear us of into a speeding chase of a night.

‘Time After Time’ (also taken from new EP ‘Remedy’) shuffles an illusive ska-beat. Wobbling in abrasive contagion the track jumps a funky and catching score.


‘Evil Twin’ as the closing track on The Attic Doctor’s new EP, scorches a haunting infectivity. “My Evil Twin corrupts me…” howls lead Dean Peatfield of everyone’s naughty weekend alter ego. With a sound that sears the ears like the adhering grip of a club entry-stamp on your hand on a morning after the night before, The Attic Doctors print an endearing magnitude you won’t want to wash off.


Ending with their local fan following and crowd favorite ‘Milkshake’, The Attic Doctors bounce the dance floor into the height of Friday night action. The chorus’ cheeky pop hook sees echoes from fans enthusiastically calling along in unison: “Give me your milkshake baby, thoughts been with me lately, I want to shake you down to your core…” As the band’s debut single, ‘Milkshake’ encapsulates The Attic Doctors playful, decadent and rejuvenating sound.


With a uniquely captivating energy The Attic Doctors condense the animation, mischief and debauchery of the weekend rascal into an exhilarating sound. As not just a stirring live practice, the band proves to be not just the fitting live soundtrack to a Friday night, but a subduing remedy to your Saturday morning hangover too, on record. Be sure to check out The Attic Doctors new EP ‘Remedy’ now.


About The Author

Emily Schofield

First Year Music Journalism Student. Particularly focuses on indie and alternative music. Has a keen eye on new and unsigned bands which need a push and promotion. Born in Bolton just outside of Manchester, she is a follower of the Manchester music scene and its history. She also constantly has her eye on up and coming artists gigging in and around London. Twitter: @TheMoverTweets