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Hidden Charms and The Vryll Society are two bands with close ties. They’re both now signed to Deltasonic, a Liverpool-based independent label, and have a large shared fanbase through their ventures with This Feeling and Jack Daniels; so a joint tour seems a natural step. The tour follows a summer on the road, taking in UK and European festivals including Isle of Wight, and for The Vryll Society slots at the mighty Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds.

Opening the show each night of the tour falls into the hands of a local band and last night was the turn of Manchester indie-pysch rockers CAESAR.  Debut single ‘Hazey’ was particularly prominent with its dream-like guitar riffs and lustrous chorus; these boys are definitely ones to watch for the future.

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Next up were Hidden Charms; to coincide with the current tour they released their long-awaited debut EP ‘Harder From Here’ on the 19th October.  Led by single ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’, the EP is laced with grit and has a rawer, electronic rock n roll edge than the London quartet’s earlier releases. It’s also more representative of their live show with the prominence of pungent guitar riffs and lead vocalist Vincent’s earthy vocals. Opening with their older, familiar material the band showed how they have grown and strengthened over the last year, tightening their performance and taking tracks such as ‘Long Way Down’ and ‘Love You Cause You’re There’ to a new level live.


Hidden Charms


The set then took a turn in a new direction, the band serenading the eager crowd with their latest work. ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Crazy’ stood out, the dark and heavier shades consistent with those of the EP.  Late in the set, a further change of gear came with the EP’s title track ‘Harder From Here’; its acoustic harmonies and harmonica section reminiscent of sixties US folk/country.

Ending the evening, The Vryll Society launched into their set with epic single ‘Beautiful Faces’; the intricate and dexterous nature of their music continues to set them apart from other current psych bands. Mike Ellis’ intoxicating vocals stand strong with such clarity between the lengthy instrumentals which power each song.

“We’re sitting pretty now” – our interview with The Vryll Society

A key purpose of the tour is to preview the The Vryll Society’s as-yet unreleased material. The set incorporated five new tracks, all consistent with the band’s longing for creating a French pop aesthetic. New single ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ immediately stood out; released on the 4th November, the single is reminiscent of the psychedelic sound of the ‘Pangea’ EP, but leads the band in a new more melodic, upbeat, psych-pop direction.

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