Downstairs at Jimmy’s bar This Feeling makes itself at home tonight, tucking it’s feet of top quality new music under the table and pulling a napkin of eloquent taste to its lips. Meanwhile, punters settle down to the succulent taste of a Jimmy’s Jack Daniel’s ice slush in the warm red glow of the bar’s trendily lit atmosphere and open their ears to a slice of Manchester’s most cutting edge new sounds…

The first act on tonight’s This Feeling bill is Bolton’s colossal indie-rock band The Jade Assembly. Jimmy’s basement fills with the bands locally accumulated cult following known as ‘The Jade Army’. Tonight the band and their fans are on fine form for an anthemic and electric live set. In the tight atmosphere of Jimmy’s live cellar The Jade Assembly are intensely gripping with their raw power, the band’s sound roars with such extremity you can reach out and tear off a slice of the groups endearing aptitude for yourself. The Bolton band pelt energetic rock with such ferocious personality it’s infectious.

Powerful pop banger ‘One Last Time’ rips into the band’s searing live veal whilst ‘Nothing Changes’ reflects TJA more romantic side, though without losing their zealous and impassioned energy.


Forthcoming single ‘Got My Star’ hurtles as a forceful aggression to be reckoned with. Clamoring in a pandemic blast of carefully crafted instrumentation the catching track is serious, no messing, foot stamping, arms waving, throats growling rock and roll. The single is soon to see release after production at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios and its recorded reveal is hotly anticipated by fans aka ‘The Jade Army’.


Set closer ‘Colossal’ pulsates with further rocking rhythm as The Jade Assembly swallows and dominates the space with a well-endowed and captivating live sound. ‘Cos I’m not even sure, do you even know name?!’ roars lead John ‘Foz’ Foster with the strength and authority of rock-star quality.


Loaded with rock anthems that could give former Britpop legends a run for their money, The Jade Assembly progress the empowerment of Britpop with a striking modern attitude. The essence of classic rock-pop is brought up to speed with a cutting contemporary personality.


For fans of a Blink 182 inspired rock-pop, next to take the stage are Stockport’s Matter of Mind. The youthful four-piece rock band, it’s median age of just 18, hurl 90s pop-punk into today’s abyss with fair venom considering their adolescence. If dark laden alternative rock is your thing, be sure to check out their latest track ‘Far Too Wrong’.


Also hailing from Stockport are tonight’s closing act No Hot Ashes. Combining and eclectic fusion of indie and funk, the foursome bound an energetic vigor that motivates an indie-bop groove. Bringing 70s born funk up to date with the cool cutting edge of post-naughties indie, No Hot Ashes certainly know how to fire up a Saturday night party. The indie-funk four hallmark an innovative new genre of indie-dance that both resurrects the soul of Chic to James Brown and captivates with current trends as good as (if not better than) any other indie dance floor filling band.


Shaking a contagious shuffle of drums and ecstatically strung guitar chords ‘Easy Peeler’ shuffles a catchy, quirky and cute-romantic indie beat of the girl whose “easy peelin’”. Keeping up the infectious pace, ‘Cool Cat’ instantaneously arouses the crowd with an opening roar of ‘Areee you a cooool cat?’ from animated lead Isaac Taylor. Taylor spiritedly invites us “all aboard the heartship starship” across funky raising pulses with an electric guitar driven spring.


An astoundingly unique and current take on ‘The Message’ doesn’t see the band push to close to the edge. No Hot Ashes win the crowds approval with a refreshing rocking form on a track that blueprinted the realms of hip-hop. Bounding with captivation, not many bands could pull of the great Grandmaster Flash with such cool ease.


Fan favorites ‘Skank’ pulsates oozing bass that spools the ears with a welcome infection, whilst ‘Goose’ erects a rocking jive that raises the roof.


With a collision of grooving soul, the bounce of hip-hop and electric style, No Hot Ashes shake a beat you certainly want to move your feet to. Resurrecting the spirit of Earth Wind & Fire funk the Stockport group are far more than a throwback band however, injecting the spirit of modern indie into a whirl of funk. The quartet take the soul-pop contagion of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars’ 2004 hit ‘Uptown Funk’ into the kooky indie realms with the bounce of electric bass guitar and a shimmer of swift drums. The bands melting pot of funk mixed with the charged temper of indie certainly make for an elevating performance.

Words: Emily Schofield


Photos: The Jade Assembly – Property of the band, No Hot Ashes – Sophie Cahill (@sophiecahill)






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Emily Schofield

First Year Music Journalism Student. Particularly focuses on indie and alternative music. Has a keen eye on new and unsigned bands which need a push and promotion. Born in Bolton just outside of Manchester, she is a follower of the Manchester music scene and its history. She also constantly has her eye on up and coming artists gigging in and around London. Twitter: @TheMoverTweets