Trivium. Photo by Jake Owens.

The monster that is Trivium shook the walls of the O2 institute, alongside up and coming metal band Shvpes, and prog-metal band Sikth, and playing most of their biggest hits from their most famous albums such as ‘Shogun’, ‘Ascendancy’, ‘Vengeance Falls’ and their newest release ‘Silence In The Snow’. From the classic thrash metal verses that keep your head banging, to the beautifully melodic choruses, they delivered a quality show once again.

They came on piece by piece to deep red lighting and their usual atmospheric intro. The room became electric as they burst into one of their hit singles from ‘Shogun’: ‘Down From The Sky’. From youngsters moshing, to the jaded metal fans, they were both loving the performance equally. Vocalist of Trivium, Matt Heafy, kept calling them together to join their constant crowd chants and sing-a-longs. He also encouraged the moshing as well as the infamous ‘Wall of Death’ which brought the atmosphere to a new high. The light-show was almost as impressive as the music. Different colours meshed with different songs to bring a whole new ambience to the show. As the show progressed they jumped between playing their greatest songs, such as ‘Throes of Perdition’, to their more recent ones, such as ‘Silence In The Snow’.

As the night went on the atmosphere continued to grow with everyone enjoying the music. Guitarist Corey Beaulieu, especially stood out with his signature and most iconic metal riffs that Trivium fans know and love. The crowd was going wild as several crowd surfers hopped over the barrier only to go back to crowdsurfing. Even those on the balcony were headbanging and keeping up the energy during the show. There wasn’t a single person seen just standing around. You could genuinely feel the unity in the room as Matt Heafy thanked his fans and supporters. Overall, the whole vibe they let off was great, and as a band they sounded exceptional, and with crowd interaction they showed great musicianship. Everyone clearly loved the night and it really brought a handful of metal fans together, spanning over all generations. The people and band truly connected through their love for music and both together created a great night and great overall experience.

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