On the 5th of January I had the great pleasure of attending the concert of one of my favourite artists, Zico, a Korean rapper, in KOKO London. Zico is a south korean rapper, songwriter, producer and leader of the boy group called Block B. He became a solo artist in 2014, releasing the single ‘Tough Cookie’, and has been producing songs for various other artists since as well as releasing music himself.

The show was a collaboration between Zico and the clothing line MISBHV for London Men’s Fashion Week. Before the concert Zico had a meet and greet with fans who also received a long sleeve hoodie available only during Zico’s concert by MISBHV. The concert started at 8:15 pm with rapper Danny Seth as the opening act followed by the famous Korean DJ Millie who stayed on stage until 9:45 when Zico came out.

He started with his first single ‘Tough Cookie’ and the crowd went crazy when he finally made an appearance. He is known for his energy and enthusiasm during performances and he did not disappoint his fans that night. He performed all of his solo songs, such as ‘I am you, you are me’, ‘Eureka’, ‘Boys and Girls’, ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici,‘ and ‘Okey Dokey’, which he collaborated on with Mino. As expected, his most recent and famous song, ‘Bermuda Triangle’, which features his good friends Crush and Dean, set the audience on fire.

Zico also talked to the audience and made interactions with fans introducing his songs. Even though he was on stage alone, he delivered a lively and dynamic performance. He danced, jumped around, and connected with the audience despite the language barrier. He also fooled the crowd announcing his last song, leaving the stage for a few minutes while the crowd screamed his name. He then came back and performed another song, called ‘Yes or No’, coming off stage in front of the fans who rushed to touch their idol.

The concert was followed by an after party where fans could dance and enjoy themselves after the powerful performance. While no one expected Zico to show up, he took to the stage again and started dancing with staff members, rappers and fans. Everyone was thrilled to see Zico again, enjoying the party, dancing, and interacting with fans. He stayed on stage for about half an hour before going into the VIP area. Even in the VIP area, he greeted fans from the balcony. You could clearly see his devotion and love for the fans, as he made the effort to make everyone feel overjoyed and delighted by his presence.

The concert was a total success, I enjoyed every minute of it and I would totally do it again. Despite the waiting in the cold, the long queues and lack of sleep, I met some amazing people and Zico gave us the performance we all waited for.

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Andreea Cristina

I'm Andreea Cristina and I'm 18 years old. I am currently a journalism student at BCU. I am really passionate about music, movies and Tv series and if there's a place that I would never like to leave is the front row of my favourite concert! Festivals are like my second home. I enjoy writing and meeting new people. I like to go on adventures and explore new cities.