Unlike my previous attempt at finding ‘Lost Tunes’, I’m refraining from obscure bands in favour of the other approach. Chances are, you’ve heard of these artists, but it takes commitment (lots of spare time) to lovingly trawl through their entire discographies. Otherwise, you find yourself judging someone’s hard-won career on a few radio-approved singles. So, from the 1960s to the 2000s, allow me to sit proudly on my high horse as I declare what you might have missed.
#1: The Doors – The Crystal Ship

For a dead guy, Jim Morrison sure knows how to seduce listeners with dulcet tones. And it’s his mesmeric croon that takes centre stage on this short but sweet cut from The Doors’ lauded debut. Opening with the line: “Before you slip into unconsciousness, I’d like to have another kiss”, it’s no wonder that I’d feature this elegiac tune prominently in my never-ending mental list of funeral songs. God, I need to think about something more cheerful.
#2: Sex Pistols – Bodies

Ah, that’s better – a razor sharp slice of punk rock decrying abortion, liberally laced with fucks, to lighten up the conversation. I can’t say I agree with the vehemently expressed anti-abortion stance expressed therein, but it’s bloody brutal, and far more interesting a social issue than whether the country needs an overpaid figurehead to attract tourists.
#3: Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Okay, that’s enough about real death. Who wants to hear a long-as-hell, fantastical masterpiece based on the epic poem by Romantic poet Coleridge? What if I said that the writer was under the influence of – shock horror – marijuana? As frontman Bruce Dickinson put it, I prefer a cup of tea myself, but you can’t fault the tragic tale of a wandering, undead sailor, told through a sort-of-operatic wail and a creepy mid-section led by dissonant bass.
#4: Marilyn Manson – Cake and Sodomy

If you’d like people to refer to you as the ‘God of Fuck’, then you could do worse than encouraging them through the medium of song. This choice cut from Manson’s 1994 debut full-length, ‘Portrait of an American Family’, is a blueprint for all that would follow, rallying against hypocritical America. The antichrist superstar may have lost his edge now, but for a time soon after this he was the embodiment of notoriety.
#5: Stone Sour – Silent Type

In 2001, Corey Taylor had already achieved surprising commercial success with Slipknot’s horror show, but the first rumblings of a revived Stone Sour were in the works. On demo track, ‘Silent Type’, Taylor offers a fine example of the adept spoken word that would be incorporated into future Slipknot tracks such as ‘Execute’. With bizarre yet funny tales – “I asked for the Jack and Coke, not rum and Coke, not Coke on ice, Jack and fucking Coke!” and loudmouth cynicism, we have a highly entertaining glimpse into the mind behind the mask.

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