Psychedelic Krautrock band, Moon Duo, led by Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada, have announced Volume 2 of the two-part opus ‘Occult Architecture’, to be released on the 5th May on Sacred Bones Records.

Occult Architecture Vol. 2 can be pre-ordered here.

Where the widely acclaimed Volume 1 follows the dark and earthly Yin side of the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang, Volume 2 represents the Yang, associated with sun, light, and the spirit of heaven, and so explores the light side of Moon Duo’s work.

On the two releases, guitarist Ripley Johnson explains, ‘In production we referred to Vol. 1 as the fuzz dungeon, and Vol. 2 as the crystal palace. “The darkness of Vol. 1 gave birth to the light of Vol. 2. We had to have both elements in order to complete the cycle. We’re releasing them separately to allow them their own space, and to ensure clarity of vision. To that end we also mixed Vol. 2 separately, in the height of Portland summer, focusing on its sonic qualities of lightness, air, and sun. Listeners can ultimately use the two volumes individually or together, depending on circumstance or the desired effect.’

‘Lost in Light’, the first release off the new album, comes with a video created by Micah Buzan. Watch it here:

Moon Duo’s remaining upcoming dates are as follows:

6th – Brighton, The Haunt
7th – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
8th – Glasgow, Stereo

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