Since catching the attention of BBC Introducing with their previous releases, Affairs have moved to Manchester from their roots in Hull and have released Blood Science, the first single from their upcoming album.

The deep baritone vocal juxtaposed by a shimmering wall of synth creates a stunning track that gives a great optimistic feeling and sounds like Washed Out remixed Elbow. It’s fantastic.

So with their album well in progress, and with a stunning track like this, we couldn’t think of a better group of people to get our next playlist from. So here you go, ten fantastic songs, brought to you by a band with a bright future.

.  .  .

In N Out//Dutch Uncles

“Always interesting to see what these Manchester boys are going to come out with next. This track still keeps me guessing all the way through. Really fond of the stabby 80s-esque synths in this. As always the bass line is insane.”

.  .  .

Can’t Do Without You//Caribou

“Just some great memories to this track. It’s usually my go to song in the morning to get me pumped. A great feel of build and euphoria as it gets going.”

 .  .  .


“Joy is the brainchild of a 17 year old Australian producer Olivia McCarthy. Clearly talented beyond her years, if the soulful sounds and stunning voice don’t capture your imagination then the gorgeous bass tones most certainly will.”

  .  .  .

 Youth in Decay//Troves

“This blends contemporary percussive sounds, classic house synths and vocals which are reminiscent of Haim. Definitely works though.”

  .  .  .

All In The Value//HONNE

“Very recently discovered. I like the use of sampling throughout the track and the ambient feel he creates. The lyric writing is clever, reminiscent of James Blake in places. The video’s good too.”

  .  .  .

Arcadia//The Kite String Tangle

“Big fan of Kite String Tangle. An electronic artist who writes good pop music. An excellent user of synths and samples, he creates catchy melodies and hooks through a wide variety of sounds and instruments.”

 .  .  .

“A great little funky song with some great melodic and vocal hooks. They managed to recreate a quintessential 70’s funk sound even down to their vocal style, but the modern synths sounds replacing the horns keep this song fresh.”

  .  .  .

Toes//Glass Animals

“It’s just a cool track; the bass and drums sit so well together and Bayley’s vocals have this haunting quality to them as if he is almost whispering. For a simple sounding track it actually has so many layers working together to form a great song”

  .  .  .

A Dream of You and Me //Future Islands

“Sam Herring is one of my absolute favourite singers both vocally and performance-wise. The way he delivers this song is spine tingling.”

  .  .  .

 Heart Trips//Carla

“A punchy riff and great hook combines with an 80s-inspired synth to create a track that’s both fresh sounding but replicates great bands of yesteryear.”

 .  .  .


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