You might already know David Ivar from his work in Herman Dune. But now, under the moniker Black Yaya, he’s going it alone, creating the DIY folk sounds that mean so much to him. He’s been working on songs with no pressure, he’s moved to LA, and with the help of his friends he has created a hotbed of creativity that has led to his eponymous album.

It’s a great way to work, and with the songs he’s picked for us in this playlist we can see some of Ivar’s inspirations.

We hope you enjoy them.

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Candy Jail // Silver Jews

David Berman (The Silver Jews) is one of my heroes… He is incredible at writing lyrics with a unique point of view and has fire in his voice…

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On My Way To Heaven // Kyle McNeill & The Stumble

I recently found out about Kyle McNeill and just can’t get enough… I stumbled upon his 7″ in a vintage store, and just loved his voice, I had no idea he was a kid living very close to where I was…

.  .  .

Spinney // This Is The Kit

Been a fan of Kate’s (This Is The Kit) for a long long time. She’s one of those true voices and guitar players that you won’t meet that often, totally honest, totally committed to her music.

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Surfing the Spin // Kyle Field

A poet, a painter with no boundaries, no limit, there is no difference between the artist and the human being, a wave of strength and creativity…

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Symmetrical // Mayon

Sometimes, I come across a “new” voice, a new point of view, that really triggers something in me… Mayon is not going after someone else’s style, and just writes because she needs to. It seems… Authentic…

.  .  .

Tell Me That It Isn’t True // Jolie Holland

I‘m so glad I got to meet her and work with her… Jolie is 100%… When she’s done singing and playing, she just sings and plays more… Beautiful voice…

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Back at Home // Jeffrey Lewis

Jeff is the spirit of New York in a little bottle to me… He’s one of those guys that I could stay around and listen to talking forever, it doesn’t get any better than Jeff…

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So Alone // Turner Cody

Turner Cody is an honest Man, M-A-N, writing songs for future generations to still love and appreciate… Love him…

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Time to Think About the Morning Once Again // The Fisherman Three

Again, Simon (The Fishermen Three) writes gems and records them, and he doesn’t care if he’s not a superstar, which he should be if you ask me… The world is busy listening to Kanye when people actually have things to say…

.  .  .

The Night We Called It A Day // Bob Dylan

What else???? In 2015??? Bob still on top!!! For many more years… God bless!!!!

Black Yaya will be going on tour in April. His debut, self-titled album is out NOW.

Black Yaya UK Tour dates:

08/04 Bristol (UK), Start The Bus

09/04 London (UK), The Lexington

10/04 Coventry (UK), Tin Music & Arts

11/04 Manchester (UK), Soup Kitchen

12/04 Leeds (UK), Brudenell Social Club

13/04 Glasgow (UK), Mono

15/04 Hull (UK), Adelphi Club

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