Well, look at that! We’ve got a brand new regular feature. We will be asking bands to choose some songs that they love at the moment and that they think you readers should have a listen to. Simple, right? Who knows, you might find your new favourite track here!
For our first ever playlist, we managed to wrangle in FAMY, a four piece from London, and Thomas Edwards from the band sent us some great tunes. Check them out below….


Baby // Ariel Pink/Donnie And Joey Emerson
“We were listening to Donnie And Joey Emerson a while ago so we’ll write this one as Ariel Pink just released his version which he was playing live last year. A beautifully written song.”

House // Kindness

July // Low
“Bruce likes Low, we listened to ‘Things We Lost in the Fire’ recently.”

Sara // Fleetwood Mac
“We all love the Mac, ‘Rumours’ is the masterpiece but its follow up ‘Tusk’ is a great album too.”

I Want You // Prinzhorn Dance School
“We went with our photographer to see a band because he had a fetish for the singer. They were really bad but then Prinzhorn Dance School played after and they were great! Super minimal. Great band.”

In New Jersey // Julian Lynch
“Arthur bought this record a while ago because it was recommended after he got ‘Kaputt’ by Destroyer but we never listened to it until now, but now we like to put it on.”

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