Rainer combine dark sounds with pop beats to create a fascinating blend of leftfield beats and personal lyrics. They released their fantastic new album Water last week (May 18th) and it’s already one of my favourites this year.

We asked the duo to talk about some of the tracks they’re enjoying at the moment in this playlist.  There’s some fantastic tracks selected here!

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Nic :


The whole album is fantastic – I think I only got to track 4 before I ordered the vinyl which just came through and have been listening to on repeat. Sore Eyes is a favourite too. Such a beautiful record.

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I’m a huge fan of the PC Music stuff and this is one of my favourite tracks. I saw Tielsise DJ at Birthdays at 3 in the morning at the end of last year and I can honestly say it might have been one of my favourite hours of dancing ever. (Closely followed by seeing Clark recently). I can’t wait to hear what Tielsie does next. The engine accelerating noise before the synth saxophone gives me rushes of pure joy.” 

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Remnants//Max Cooper and Tom Hodge

I’m a huge Max Cooper fan. I first came across him via his remix of Nils Frahms – Peter. He released a great album last year and is continuing to release records at a prestigious rate. When this kicks off at 2.30 with the visuals and music I’d think I’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect combination of the two. Beautiful.

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Brother//Cold Courage

 “Cold Courage is a new producer who I’ve been was recently introduced to. He’s putting out a lovely EP which reminds me of some of the early Gold Panda stuff, but in it’s own lane.

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Full Circle//George Fitzgerald ft Boxed In

This is such a great track and I love the album. It captures that Hot Chip / TEED / Robyn sad dance floor feeling beautifully.”  

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Les Fleurs//Minnie Ripperton

Probably one of my all time favourite songs, it just takes off in the chorus.  She sings ridiculously high and the backing vocals are amazing.

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Young Trouble//Sinkane

Lovely light summery song, reminds me of Talking Heads in the bounce of the drums and the backing vocals.

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 Groove it Out//Lone Lady

Have been a fan of Lone Lady since her first album.  This sounds like a female Prince.

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Vitamin C//Can 

The coolest song off the Inherent Vice soundtrack I’m still listening to.” 

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 Mondo 77//Looper

Really good scuzzy baseline and old school “futuristic” sounds

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Rainer’s debut album ‘Water’ is out NOW. 


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