The Spook School are one of the most important bands around at the moment. Don’t argue with us – it’s a fact. Their last two albums are a celebration of queerness, while also commenting on the gender binary and a toxic male-dominated world (if you haven’t heard ‘Burn Masculinity’, get it in your ears now), and their fast-paced, super fun live shows are a genuinely life-affirming experience. With that in mind, we got the band send us a list of tracks they love at the moment, and they have put together a corker. Check out what they’re listening to at the moment below…


Dairy Queen // PWR BTTM

“We’re lucky enough to be helping out on PWR BTTM’s first ever European tour this December and they are absolute heroes to us. We’re only mildly terrified that they’re going to think we’re super uncool.”

Ice Cream and Sunscreen // Martha

“Our favourite people in the world. Professional heartbreakers. Fireworks that light our July sky. Babez.”

Crab Line // Trust Fund

“Sometimes you just really need to see your friends wrestle with a super catchy soundtrack. CHOKESLAM.”

E-MO-TION // Carly Rae Jepsen

“Everything she does makes us so E-MO-TION-AL!!! This makes us want to dance and be PHEN-OM-EN-AL people.”

Sincere // Doe

“This video is like ‘Location, Location, Location’ except you’re just looking at Doe’s flat and it’s them singing their song and they never tell you the property value. They’re cool like that.”

Shut Up Kiss Me // Angel Olsen

“Because sometimes we should just all be quiet and smooch.”

Running // Happy Accidents

“We’ve played a few shows recently with Happy Accidents and we’ve just fallen in love. So catchy and so fun. 12 out of 10.”

Holly // Mercury Girls

“We just released a split 12″ involving Mercury Girls and every time we hear a new song we just fall in love a little more. Kevin from the band also has the nicest teeth we’ve ever seen.”

The Potentials Theme // The Potentials

“Our friends The Potentials are a Buffy themed band and they run Slayer-Fest which we’re super excited to be playing this year in London! As a result we’re playing this a lot and getting ready to slay.”

Memory // Cats

“Niall just started working at a theatre and he heard this banging new tune from some up and comers called ‘Cats’. They’re really method and seem to get totally into character as quite literal ‘Cats’. Big fan.”

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