The Tuts are a band to be in awe of. The trio released their debut album ‘Update Your Brain’ earlier this year after five years of building up an unbelievably dedicated fanbase and a rather famous following in the likes of Kate Nash and Billy Bragg. Their music comments on the sexism and racism they have experienced and they have no shame in being unapologetically vocal about feminism, both in their music and on stage. We asked the band to put together a playlist of songs they’re listening to at the moment, so check out the sort of music they’re influenced by below:

Nadia’s picks

1982 // The Tuts

“A tune, best song ever! It’s like the best of McFly collated into one song.”
. . .
The Tide // Personal Best

“It sounds like The Wonders, and it’s melodic and gets me buzzing.”

. . .

Since You Left // Big Eyes

“I relate to this song so much cos most people walk out of my life or relationships end abruptly and I’m always left stranded, upset, hurt, damaged from the ordeal.”
. . .
Harriet’s picks
Losing Grip // Avril Lavigne

“This whole album is perfect but this song is just ultimate angst and raw emotion and I felt like I really related to it this year with everything going on in my life. Got back in touch with my inner emo, clearly.”
. . .
Blush // Wolf Alice

“I actually heard this song after I’d got into the ‘My Love Is Cool’ album (which I adore). This one’s a little older but really beautiful and her choice to sing in falsetto is pretty brave but really works. I think I’m just really into emotional music right now.”
. . .
Side To Side // Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj

“THIS TUNE. Just SO good and catchy. I feel like Ariana and Nicki make such a good pair.”
. . .
Shout Out To My Ex // Little Mix

“I think all of The Tuts will vouch for this song that just came out. Amazing dynamics, so catchy and empowering. Just what we’re about as a band.”
. . .
Beverley’s picks
Diva // Beyonce

“Recently I’ve just been loving this song. When it came out I didn’t even like it that much but I just love how sassy it makes me feel.”

. . .

Party Favour // Tinashe

“This song gets me on a hype before I’m about to go party. I really like the music video too.”

. . .

Trophy // Charli XCX

“Again I really like this because there’s so much attitude, and it’s about going after what you want.”

. . .

Ni**as In Paris // Jay Z & Kanye West

“What’s there not to like? I like listening to this song when I’m up in the club.”


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