Stockport’s No Hot Ashes are fast coining a new brand of indie, with infectiously paced indie-funk. The four-piece raise an indie-bop groove with a collision of 70s born funk and a refreshing slice of post-naughties indie. The band’s latest release ‘Bellyaches’ is no exception to their soulful and contagious rule.

With more intoxicating levels than a 70s spun get down, ‘Bellyaches’ bounces in a bass groove with a shimmer of synth that pops from a hip-hop enthused blueprint. Lead Isaac Taylor cooly vocalises his dismay of the modern world with quirky metaphors “cheap chardonnay and bellyaches, imperial lemonade…” and a captivating attitude.


Raising a pop contagion with elements of celebrated funk and hip-hop, No Hot Ashes take modern indie in a wholly new eccentric direction. And they certainly know how to mix a melting pot of infectious sound.



‘Bellyaches’ is out now

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Emily Schofield

First Year Music Journalism Student. Particularly focuses on indie and alternative music. Has a keen eye on new and unsigned bands which need a push and promotion. Born in Bolton just outside of Manchester, she is a follower of the Manchester music scene and its history. She also constantly has her eye on up and coming artists gigging in and around London. Twitter: @TheMoverTweets