Polo say they want to make ‘polished alt-pop’, and with ‘Gold Horizons‘ – the lead single from the upcoming EP ‘Alice‘ – polished alt-pop is exactly what they’re making.

It’s their first release in over a year, and they’ve clearly been taking their time crafting their sound. ‘Gold Horizons‘ is filled with sparkling, left of centre synths that create a spacious place for singer Kat McHugh’s rich vocals to fill with contemplations about temptation and longing.

The fizzing, poppy chorus makes it easy to imagine the track being as comfortable on the radio as it’s unfamiliar soundscape would be in the dance tents at any European festival this summer.

Its a track that, much like the temptation in the lyrics, leaves you wanting more and eager to hear the full EP. ‘Alice‘, recorded at Parr Street Studios, will be released on 10th March through AWAL Today.


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