Bedroom rock singer-songwriter Bad Atoms A.K.A Felix Davis pens his heartbreak from his West London bedroom. Joined by Jimmy Page’s daughter Jana Page, Davis spools a sensitive stoner folk duet on the break-up of his last girlfriend with ‘Kilogrammes’.

Inspired by an intoxicated viewing of a documentary on the origins of the metric system, Davis became intrigued by the ability to measure everything – including the dimension of happiness.

Bad Atoms playfully compares the weight of a lost love to metric measurements with quirky dark-humour and soft stroking guitar chords. ‘I don’t need your kilometers… All I need is some time alone…’ swill Page’s and Davis’ voices together in a blissful wave.

The DIY spun ‘Kilogrammes’ is taken from Bad Atoms desire to release a forthcoming self-produced debut album ‘Tell Your Friends’.

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Emily Schofield

First Year Music Journalism Student. Particularly focuses on indie and alternative music. Has a keen eye on new and unsigned bands which need a push and promotion. Born in Bolton just outside of Manchester, she is a follower of the Manchester music scene and its history. She also constantly has her eye on up and coming artists gigging in and around London. Twitter: @TheMoverTweets