Toy are back again with ‘Lose My Way after their first two singles ‘Left Myself Behind’ and ‘Motoring’ have propelled them to cult status, and frankly just keep getting better and better. Quieter and slower than their first two, and extremely similar in sound to JAMC, the song offers a more melodic side to the band. The b-side, ‘Bright White Shimmering Sun’ is simply sublime – the guitar shining out underneath the distortion and Dougall’s vocals of “who knows where next we’ll meet?” give the track an almost other worldly effect. With these three singles and another to be released very soon, Toy’s upcoming debut album is guaranteed to be a winner.


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Jordan Butt

I don't like my surname and to take my mind off it I listen to music by people like MBV, The Horrors, Grimes, Toy and ABBA. 15, living in London.