In just the few months since their debut EP first appeared, Leicester hopefuls Kermes have already grown. New single ‘No Names/No Flags’ takes the twinkly guitar lines from before and lets them float in a delicate space that feeds on itself. When the bass comes in, more guitar starts building on what was just said, a call and response interrupting its own phrasing. Emily Teese’s phrasing changes from half-attempted defeatist rhetorical questions to cracked wails to simple cooing. While the first refrain comes in and goes, the second refrain never ends. While before, Kermes opted to leave the empty air just like that, now they fill it with whatever they can. Everything layers on top of each other creating a dense atmosphere that is at the same time fragile, loft. Imagine if the new Explosions In The Sky was this beautiful.

Kermes are touring England this October. Watch the NSFW video for ‘No Names/No Flags’ below.


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Lee Whear

Young punk full of love, hoping they've got enough tobacco left when the revolution comes. Canterbury Christchurch University graduate, previous work has appeared in thnksfrthrvrw, Hitsville U.K., Bearded Magazine, and God Is In The TV Zine.