‘It’s mostly about irrational thoughts overcoming reason, how damaging a lack of logic can be, and the frightening realisation that nothing really has a reason.’

Eric Tormey’s description of his lyrics could easily describe Gang themselves. Creeping out of Canterbury in 2014, Gang have since been polluting the environment with their sludgy, oozing rock and roll, building a comradely scene of like-minded noisebreathers amongst them.

Their new single ‘Not a Reason’ actually finds them at their most streamlined, cutting the fat off the doom metal-inspired mid-sections of earlier for creaking stoner-pop. It’s less upbeat than previous single ‘Animalia’, which almost bounced around its off-kilter chords. There is an urgent and haunting atmosphere in the verses that gives way to the punk-inspired chorus. The mood is completely at-ends with the pop presentation, setting Gang up as an interesting and original prospect.

The single will be available as digital download on June 10 through Cornershop Pop and Terrible Merch, complete with a B-side the form of a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Green Manalishi’, and a sweet back-patch designed by Jordan Gray.

About The Author

Lee Whear

Young punk full of love, hoping they've got enough tobacco left when the revolution comes. Canterbury Christchurch University graduate, previous work has appeared in thnksfrthrvrw, Hitsville U.K., Bearded Magazine, and God Is In The TV Zine.